The “All Seeing Eye” and Hu-Manity

I think I’ve just figured it all out. What it “All” means. So I created a Blog to tell everyone some stories…

“Story time with Shroomstep” =)

The Freemason’s run everything. The whole show. We should all be certain of that by now I hope.
The Freemason’s ultimate symbol is the “All Seeing Eye” over the Pyramid. The “All Seeing Eye” represents “God”, the big “G”, The Architect (which will make sense further on), in their view of Everything.
The “All Seeing Eye” also represents the Pineal Gland, an organ which sits in the very centre of your Brain. The whole area surrounding and including the Pineal Gland is exact image (in cross section of the Brain) of the Egyptian “Eye of Ra”. Which is what the “All Seeing Eye” represents.

So my conclusion, and has quite literally (no longer just figuratively) been staring everyone in the face all this time. Allow me to explain.
Look at this face…Irrelevant of whom it is. As you will find out why further on.
Above the Mouth you will see a Triangle that joins onto the nose and cuts across where the top of the skeletal Nose cavity sits; there you have a flat top Pyramid. Directly above that, between your Eyebrows it sits directly where on the Forehead the Pineal Gland lines up with (as it is directly in the centre of your brain, so dead centre in fact, the medical industry use it as a reference to see if you have a Tumour. If it is not directly in the centre, you have a Tumour.).

The Pyramid and Eye (which also represents the Sun and subsequently represents God, the Ray’s represent Jesus (this is all bible talk, every religion has their own names for this), Jesus walked across the water (rays of light). In Metaphor for all this being about us, our Third Eye’s, Jesus represents the energy we give off from our Third Eye, the vortex of Creation.

The Eye which to them represents “God”, is within each of us.
The Pyramid, which to them represent’s Order, “Structure”…”Structure” to them, represents something Holy, and to them a Holy Structure is a Temple. They are Freemason’s after all. They were the builder’s of these ancient places.
There is a unified belief, by many spiritual path’s (Buddhism is a good example.) , that the Human Body is a Temple (A Pyramid to them depicts a perfect structure; by every means it truly is.
The Fibonacci sequence aka The Golden Ratio, commonly known as “The Golden Spiral”; is the fractal in which all of Nature is built upon. Your Face can be perfectly measured by it. Perfectly! A truly perfect structure.).

Culture’s around the world have a saying for “God is in His Holy Temple”.
The Pineal Gland is worshipped in every single belief/spiritual structure. It is represented as a Pine Cone, and you can quite literally find it everywhere.
“God” is our Pineal Gland. It is not a singular Divine entity, towering/looming above us. It is US. We are the Divine being’s we’ve been looking for. Our Divine right has been stolen from us, hidden behind a veil of secrecy and lies; The Curtain of Religious, Political and Economical oppression. It has successfully repressed our every being, forcing us to believe we are helpless and that we need to be looked after. We are not children, we are ancient. We are older than “They” are, and we have been on this Earth longer than they have.

Our Pineal Gland is what gives us an Imagination, it’s what allows you to Daydream. It causes you to Dream due to a chemical substance known as DMT.

DMT (Di-Methyl-Tryptamine) Is the world’s most potent Psychedelic. It exists within all of Nature. From Grass to Trees, Insects to Animals. Our Pineal Gland connects us to the entire multi-dimensional/multi-Universe and endless planes of existence in between.
It is single-handedly the most advanced piece of “Bio-Technology” within our Bodies. It allows for Astral Projection. It is how our Consciousness/Soul/Energy (whatever you like to call it) connects to our Bodies.
Without it, you simply would not be you. You would not be able to connect to your body, so whilst you were “elsewhere”…A body that was once yours would be walking around like a Zombie.

Funny that…

Technology has been designed to captivate the hearts and minds of those whom let themselves be controlled by it. Those whom are weak minded/willed and easily distracted.
This is only possible by taking over your Pineal Gland, by “hacking” into it. This is done in various ways, such as Subliminal programming, indoctrination techniques through the use of the “Education” system, media outlets like Television and Radio, and also the desensitisation of Sex and Violence (in the same piece of entertainment, and often at the same time, particularly in Video Games)…The ridiculing of Love and the glorification of Hatred.
The other more aggressive technique is by making sure your Pineal Gland doesn’t work. They do this by a process called Calcification. Many things you absorb into your body cause Calcification of the Pineal Gland, even your mood can cause your body to mess everything up. However, Pesticides, GM produce/seeds, vaccinations in Humans and the Animals eaten by them. The Fluoride in the water supply, and the food we eat laden with Pesticides, to the Chemtrails in the Sky. The Electromagnetic soup we create from electro-magnetic radiation/interference from Electronic Devices like WiFi, 3G, 4G, Mobile/Cell phone towers, Electric Pylons, TV’s, Radios…The list is endless. All of which accumulates to your Pineal Gland Calcifying, hardening into a hard white blob. It’s not dead…it’s just broken.
When this happens though, you’ll find it increasingly more difficult to have cognitive function, particularly in the right side of your Brain; The “Creative” side.
You wont remember dreams very often. Sometimes you’ll wake up thinking you’ve not even dreamt.
There are a couple of ways to fix your broken Pineal Gland, or to simply activate one that has been turned off due to excessive Left brain usage (this is the “hidden” objective of Education).

The first way and oldest way of doing this, is retuning your Pineal Gland. Shaking it and forcing it to work hard. This is done by either taking a copious amount of Psychedelic’s, LSD or Psilocybin Mushrooms over an extended period (once a month for as long as you see fit would be enough).
Or take a very small dosage (not enough to get any psychedelic effects from it) every day for as long as possible (years would be good, but noticeable changes after just 2 weeks) included within a meal. This would, as I like to say “Squeegee your Third Eye, Cleanly!”
Studies have been done in recent times adding much validity to this subject. With Mushrooms having neurological health benefits, from sharpened Eyesight to an increase in overall Cognitive and motor function. it even has a lot of vascular benefits.

The second way of doing this is by Brainwave entrainment. There are many musicians that are producing Binaural beat patterns, Brainwave trances and Frequency modulations that are able to awaken your Pineal Gland, Activate it and set the motors on full. That doesn’t mean you will trip from it, but it does mean that it will work again. Doubtful it works first time either, remember your Pineal Gland has been forced into Oblivion from the Education system and the Entertainment industry as a whole for your entire Lives. You started off as Magical little elves, seeing magic and wonder in every little detail within Life. Then you started school and got told off for Day dreaming, doodling, talking with your friends, repeatedly and daily. They forced all forms of creative thinking out of you. The few whose parent’s encouraged them to keep it, went on to become the Artists, Musicians, Designers and Writers.
Check out YouTube, or Google for “Pineal Gland Activating Music”, “Pineal Gland Activation”

From all the many countless areas of Science, Physiology, Biology, Spirituality, Psychology, History, Conspiracy Facts (not theories), and an excellent ability to see patterns, resolutions and end results. Connect dots and see the ultimate Dot at the end of all that is.
I have concluded that the Freemasons/Illuminati/the Ancient bloodlines that have ruled over this world for Millennia, symbolise us all as “God” whether they realise it or not.
The Pyramid and Eye is on our Faces. it’s been there all along. And from what I can tell I am the first to put pen to paper on this specific subject.
We are the “Gods”. We have just had it removed from our consciousness. When “they” destroyed the previous Civilisation we know today as Atlantis. They destroyed it so well and set themselves up in ways so that they would hold the knowledge to the next age of “Man” (not male or a Man, but MAN…Man is our race, it does not mean Male or Female. Human is their race. “Hu” means serpent in many languages. *). They succeeded in this, and kept the rest of us ignorant and stupid, throwing Religions at us at every curve just to make sure every single person has some form of Belief for nothingness so as not to believe in ourselves.
They destroyed Atlantis because they weren’t in Charge. They succeeded.
Lets take back the power they stole from us thousands upon thousands of Millennia ago.

The stories of ages gone, are millions of years old. We only know of them because after each Civilisation is destroyed, enough people survive to continue its story (remember “History is written by its Victors”~Winston Churchill). The stories are changed to suit whomever tells them, making it to their advantage.
The characters/events/places change, but the meanings stay the same; the basic principles are in-tact so to speak.

“Fallen Angels” are “Demons” in Bible speak. (I don’t mean to quote Bible speak but it’s necessary, it’s relevant as it is a kind of history in the metaphorical sense, you’ll see why shortly).
” And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born to them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair, and they took them wives of all which they chose. And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be a hundred and twenty years. There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.”
The Fallen Angels, the “Sons of God”, created offspring with the daughters of Mankind. Those “Offspring” became the Leaders of the next age. They are the Royal Bloodlines of today.
The Queen of England for example (and what an example she is). Can be traced all the way back to the Pharaoh’s of Egypt. Archaeologists take it further without realising by being able to show us evidence that the first real Civilisation in our History was Babylon of Sumer. The leader’s of Sumer after the fall of Babylon moved on to Egypt and carried on being Leaders, they moved around the World to Greece, Italy, Germany, France, all throughout Europe and the Middle East. These people are the cause of our demise on so many historical levels. They’ve always been ruling over us since they destroyed Atlantis. They succeeded in destroying all forms of Information regarding “the lost world”. They’ve been known as the Druids, The Illuminati, The Pyre Até (Pirates).
Archaeologists have also found “Homo Sapiens Sapiens” (Modern Man) fossilised bones deep enough under and within Rock, to be 2+ million years old. And Technology that dates back further.

So to resolve this, and by no means is this a complete infallible idea.

Energy flows where attention goes. If you put your energy into something other than yourself, your fellow Man and the Nature that surrounds you. You are giving your power away. Love and only Love, do not Fear anything. Grasp it, use it to fuel your passion for Life.

Let’s take our Power back. We are all the Divine beings we should all worship.
And we are all in this together. We have to stand together as One and fight back against the oppression that is the “Hu-Men”. The Royal Bloodlines whom rule over every Facet of this World.

Side notes. See the relative asterisk.
*Hu-Men are the children of the beings that created them…They are not us.
Their creators were reptilian and from a planet far away in the Draco constellation. I will explain in detail the story of how they came to be here on another day.

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